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television, film and photography


total credits 128 total marks 3200 duration 4 Years

Bachelor of Social Sciences in Television, Film and Photography (BSS) is an eight-semester (4 years), 128-credit program. Students will complete 32 courses including a thesis or a production or a photo documentation. The aim of this program is to provide students a broad-based education in television, film, photography and media studies. It studies television, film and photography as art forms, industries and means of mass communication. To fulfill this objective, it includes both theoretical and practical courses on television journalism, television production, photography, filmmaking and film theory and criticism.

SL Name Year Download
1 BSS in Television, Film and Photography 2017-2018 Download
2 BSS in Television and Film Studies 2015-2016 Download
SL Name Year Download
1 TFP 106_Language of Audiovisual Media 2017-2018 Download
2 TFP 201_Narrative Strategies and Screenwriting 2017-2018 Download
3 TFP 303-Animation Fundamentals & Moton Graphics 2017-2018 Download
4 TFP 411-Photography and Visual Culture 2017-2018 Download
5 TFP 412-Wildlife, Sports, and Travel Photography 2017-2018 Download
6 TFP 413-Concept Photography and Storytelling 2017-2018 Download
7 TFP 105_Film History 2017-2018 Download
8 TFP 107_Television News Reporting and Anchoring 2017-2018 Download
9 TFP 203-Working with images 2017-2018 Download
10 TFP 204_Film and Video Editing 2017-2018 Download
11 TFP 301-Quantitative Research Methods for Media Studies 2017-2018 Download
12 TFP 403_Global Media: Issues & Problems 2017-2018 Download
13 TFP 404-Television Journalism: Business and Economics 2017-2018 Download
14 TFP 108_Bangladesh Studies 2017-2018 Download
15 TFP 202_Acting for Filmmakers 2017-2018 Download
16 TFP 302_Documentary 2017-2018 Download
17 TFP 304_Television Production: Program 2017-2018 Download
18 TFP 405_Television Journalism: Culture, Sports and Entertainment 2017-2018 Download
19 TFP 406_Television Journalism: Development Issues 2017-2018 Download
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