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television, film and photography

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1 Commercialization of Television in Bangladesh Khandakar Rubyat Mursalin Abu J M S A Bhuiyan COMPLETED

This study explores the phenomena of commercialization of Television in Bangladesh, discusses the reason behind commercialization, finds the consequences and makes the recommendation for developing an effective public serving media system. This research employs a qualitative approach where in-depth interviews are taken and discourse analysis of policy documents which are relevant to the process of commercialization of television are used to collect data. Television, in our country, was commercialized in the time of its establishment in 1964. During the Pakistan period, it was an autonomous organization and was appreciated for making a profit as much as it could. After independence in 1971, in spite of being a state-owned organization, it continued the legacy and in the late 90s the commercialization, privatization and liberalization led the private businessman to take over the television market. This study provides a complete understanding of the beginning and progression of commercialization of television in Bangladesh.

2 Television and New Media Convergence in Bangladesh: Causes and Consequences Upendro Nath Roy Abu J M S A Bhuiyan COMPLETED

BSS Research Monograph 2018