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television, film and photography


total credits 32 total marks 800 duration 1 Year

Master of Social Sciences in Television and Film Studies (MSS) is a two-semester, 32-credit program. Students will complete 8 courses including a thesis or a production. The aim of this program is to provide students a broad-based education in television, film and media studies. It studies television and film as art forms, industries and means of mass communication. To fulfill this objective, it includes advanced theoretical and practical courses on television journalism, television theory and criticism, documentary and filmmaking and film theory and criticism.

SL Name Year Download
1 MSS in Television, Film and Photography 2021-2022 Download
SL Name Year Download
1 TFP 501_Film Theory and Criticism 2021-2022 Download
2 TFP 502_New Media and Society 2021-2022 Download
3 TFP 503_Television Criticism 2021-2022 Download
4 TFP 504_Advanced Documentary Production 2021-2022 Download
5 TFP 505_Investigative Journalism 2021-2022 Download
6 TFP 506_ Political Economy of Cultural Production 2021-2022 Download
7 TFP 507_Broadcast and Film Policy 2021-2022 Download
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